Playitstore Publishing brings you plays by award-winning playwright, Patricia Barry Rumble -- plays that will captivate your audiences, no matter what their ages.

We offer a small selection of wonderful plays, simple to produce. All the plays have been produced multiple times across the country.

Many of our plays for young audiences can be performed by very young actors or by vintage-aged actors as well. Also, most of the plays are easily toured with 3 or 4 actors.

What's New and What's Coming to Playitstore …

We will be publishing all the plays by Patricia Barry Rumble exclusively on Amazon, in order to make the Kindle versions of her scripts globally available for an affordable price.




Currently on Amazon, we have the award-winning Mother Goose Comedy, (funny for any age), The Snow Queen (this is the story that Frozen is based on) and The Tale of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny, (the classic Beatix Potter stories brought to life onstage). The plays are very versatile. All these plays can be produced with a cast of kids or a mixed cast of children and adults or by professional actors.

Additionally published on Amazon is The New Pinocchio, a delightful updated version of Pinocchio, a mini-musical, which is easily toured.

We are in the process of publishing all the Playitstore plays on Amazon and will make those available as soon as possible. Please remember that all our plays that are read or produced in front of an audience, paying or not, require a royalty fee to be paid.

If you have an interest in any of our plays or have any questions. please use the contact information at the bottom of this page to call or email us.

What’s Happening Now in 2014!

Little Red commissioned by Express Children’s Theatre of Houston for a summer 2014 run, features a cast of four, 2 F 2 M with doubling. This hilarious easily-toured melodrama for the whole family by Patricia Barry Rumble is updated and upbeat. Through social media, Twitter, texting, Facebook and youtube, Little Red is helping her Granny continually spread the word about Granny’s now famous café. Did we mention that Granny was a rock star back in the day? Little Red and Granny’s secret marketing weapon: an enormous chicken that lays a giant egg used in an omelet that will feed 8 people. The youtube video of the big chicken just went viral. Of course, there is the villain Wolf who is after Granny’s café and all the mineral rights; and all the property of the businesses and homes in Storytown. Featured in Little Red are 4 classic old songs, "Down Yonder," "The Chicken Reel," "Be My Baby Bumblebee," "Listen to the Mockingbird" and the brand-new Wolf’s Theme song, "I Love Money." Express Children's Theatre of Houston will feature this show for their summer production 2014: both touring and in-house shows at their location at Houston’s Northwest Mall Houston.

The script with music will be available outside Houston in August 2014.

The Archer and the Princess:  now available at Dramatic Publishing.

Folktale/Comedy. By Patricia Barry Rumble. Loosely based on a Russian folktale "Go I Know Not Where and Fetch I Know Not What." It's a classic comedy. Imagine the characters of the Czar, the Councilor and Wizard as the Marx Brothers (Groucho, Harpo and Chico) and the roles of Maria and her husband Andre the Archer as the love interest, and you're got a funny comedy. The Czar wants to marry Maria, so to get rid of the archer, the Czar sends him on 3 seemingly impossible missions: to fetch Croon Cat, the legendary beast of the forest; to go to the Next World to visit the Czar's dead father and to go there he knows not where and fetch that he knows not what. Also the Czar is on the Methuselah diet, having to eat lots of chicken a day to live to be 200 years old and he is beginning to turn into a giant chicken. And did we mention that Baba Yaga is Maria's long lost mother and there's a magic rug involved somehow It's a fun show with many stylized locations. Audiences of all ages love this comedy. It's for the whole family.